Sometimes you simply can’t find the property you want on the listings. You may get close and find a villa that ticks the majority of the boxes, but not enough to make you want the home.

That’s where Angel Design and Build come in – we can help you design and build your dream home in Turkey.

Angel Homes have been in business since 2004, and during that time, we have helped many clients build bespoke properties in Ovacik, Hisaronu and Faralya that suit their style and personality. From luxurious white-washed contemporary sea view villas, to large family residences with oversized pools, offices and spas, Angels can help your dream property become a reality.

custom build property in Fethiye


There are many reasons to consider a custom build property in Fethiye, here’s just a few to consider:

  • You get what you want. We all have different wants and needs, and we all have individual tastes and personality. A listed resale or new build property rarely ticks all your initial “must-haves”, and most investors do end up spending money on renovating, decorating or purchasing goods or additions to stamp their own style on a property. With a custom build, you get to work with the architect and design team to come up with precisely the type of villa you what from the start. You choose the plot and location. You state the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the style and size of your living spaces, and the design of the pool and exterior. Everything created is done with you in mind, and this is a way to make sure you walk away with exactly the type of property you want.
  • It’s often more affordable than you think. A custom build property in Fethiye is an excellent investment, and land and construction costs are often far cheaper than you may think – certainly when compared with similar builds in Spain, Italy and the UK. That said, land prices in popular resorts like Ovacik, Hisaronu and Calis are rising fast. Development land is becoming harder to find, so do consider building soon if you want to avoid paying over the odds for land prices.
  • Excellent investment potential: the resale value of unique villas tends to be higher. As is the case around the world, custom-built properties tend to attract higher price tags on the resale market. Also, bespoke homes usually attract premium rental returns for those wishing to make additional income – this makes them a very savvy investment!

Angel Homes


Most assume that building a property takes years and is extremely stressful. We would like to reassure you that isn’t the case with Angel Homes in Turkey. Besides developing our own projects each winter, we also build bespoke villas in Fethiye for many clients. Our experienced team are on hand to walk you through the entire process from start to finish, and the build itself normally takes no longer than six months.

Take a look below at the steps involved in building a custom home:

  1. Buy the plot and secure the freehold rights.

Location is important, and the Angel Homes team will work with you to find the ideal plot for your new villa. As a general rule, the closer you are to a popular resort, attraction or the sea, the higher the price of the land. We also need to make sure the plot has been granted residential building permission and that it doesn’t fall under a military, forestry or restricted zone so you will be given the full habitation rights (ISKAN) on completion. Once the legality of the land has been established and the plot secured, plans can then be submitted, and a construction permit obtained. From submission, the permission typically takes less than a month to come through. A building permit is generally valid for two years, meaning the construction should start within this time or the license becomes invalid and can be revoked.

  1. Work with the design team to draw up the initial plans.

Designing your home and starting to see it come to life is exciting. This is the time you put your ideas forward so we can bring them to life. The height, boundary and size restrictions will be explained, and the possibilities drawn up. We discuss your essential requirements; the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, size of living areas, any additional features, the exterior and size of the pool etc. Your consultant and the design team will then work their magic and draw up the initial plans and options.

  1. Take a look at the 3D’s.

Once the plans are agreed, a set of 3D designs will be drawn up and the property super-imposed on the land. At this point, we virtually build your home to give you an idea of what the villa should look like when it’s finished. It’s now that we make any final changes to the plans, discuss the lighting and electrics, the materials to be used, the layout of the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and the exterior. Our design team works with you every step of the way and includes as much of your design as possible, providing building restrictions, space, and your budget allows.

  1. A legal contract is signed.

Now that we have the plans, we draw up a legal contract stating the payment terms, and the building terms and conditions. At this point, you should be represented by a lawyer/solicitor that specialises in Turkish property and acts in your best interests. The contract will include the plans, and state all agreed building inclusions, timeframes, assurances, guarantees, and warranties. The payment terms will be stated and specified, and the contract signed by both parties.

  1. Construction license is obtained.

Having signed the contract, the architect will send the plans to the local authorities and apply for the construction permit, which can take up to a month to process. On receipt, providing building laws and time allows, the construction begins.

  1. The build begins.

Many areas of Fethiye fall under tourism laws prohibiting heavy construction during the main tourist season, from May to October. These locations include Hisaronu, Ovacik, Calis and some other central areas. It takes an average of 6 months to build a custom villa. This is why it’s the best idea to visit us in Spring or early summer if you are looking to custom build property in Fethiye. By finalising the plans and arranging the necessary permits during the summer, we can then begin work early November, giving us the full six months to complete the project.

  1. Property hand-over.

Traditionally, the bulk of the construction is completed by the end of April, the finishing touches are done in May, and the property made ready for you to test-drive in June. Minor snagging issues will always arise, and our aftersales team will work with you and attend to anything that needs tweaking or fixing.

  1. Property upkeep, aftersales and maintenance.

Having moved into your home, the Angel Homes team can organise any future management or maintenance you may need. From tending to the garden and pool maintenance to airport transfers, cleaning, winter security checks and 24/7 emergency call-out services, we are on hand to help you run and maintain your new home.  Angel Rentals can also advertise your villa and arrange bookings should you wish to earn an additional income.

If you are considering a custom build property in Fethiye and would like more information, please CONTACT ANGEL HOMES.

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Angel Homes are a well-established design and build company in Turkey. We custom build property in Fethiye and it's resorts. If you are looking to build a bespoke holiday home, luxury villa, or permanent home in Fethiye, please contact Angel Homes.

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