Turkey seems to have a grip on COVID-19, and the country is now looking forward to easing its current containment measures and opening for the 2020 summer season after the Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

Turkey’s response to COVID-19

Turkey announced its first COVID-19 case on March 11th, and since then it has acted quickly to try and contain the virus. Borders were closed. Schools, shopping malls, mosques, restaurants and bars were shut. Those under 20 and over 65 years of age were kept in, and weekly lockdowns have helped prevent the virus from spreading.

These measures seem to have worked, and President Recip Tayyip Erdogan has now said that he hopes to regain “some sort of normality in Turkey” over the coming weeks. With recoveries on the increase and the daily death toll declining, Turkey hopes to be winning the battle. The virus has plateaued over the past ten days, and the country now intends reintroducing daily-life gradually.


Turkish Airlines to commence flights from May 28th.

Turkey’s national flag carrier intends commencing flights on May 28th. In an interview with the Hürriyet Daily News, Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said,

“If we don’t face new problems in the course of events, domestic [tourism] traffic will start at the end of May. The tourism season will open with controlled domestic flights. We now have set a certification board and have determined the rules of the hospitality sector.”

At the moment, it’s too early to say when foreign tourists will be allowed to come to Turkey. With the pandemic still crippling many countries, the Turkish authorities are understandably cautious. But, for those longing to jump that plane and head to Fethiye, this easing of measures is very positive news and that dream holiday in Turkey is now on the horizon.

Tourists coming to Turkey are likely to be far more cautious.

It’s believed those travelling to Turkey in 2020 will be far more cautious and concerned about health and hygiene. Infection is an obvious concern so, to limit risks, the Turkish authorities are introducing strict cleanliness and social distancing measures in all hotels and businesses involved in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Under the new regulations, hotels, suppliers, airports, vehicles, restaurants, and bars will undergo regular cleaning and sterilisation.

Hotels will initially run at less than half-occupancy. All-inclusive resorts and restaurants will no longer be able to offer buffet selections, and sunbeds, tables and chairs will be spaced out on beaches and in all establishments to comply with new social distancing rules.

Staff working within the tourism and hospitality industry will also be tested and given pandemic training, and visitors will be given access to medical care.

It is believed that small boutique hotels and private villa and apartment lets will be the preferred choice for travellers this year. These allow you to better distance yourself from the tourist crowds, therefore pose less risk. The cost of renting a holiday home is also more affordable in most cases, plus it gives you a chance to spend quality time and catch up with friends and family you may have been unable to see during isolation.

“Coronavirus-free” certificates to be issued.

To an effort to boost tourist confidence, Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Minister is also planning to launch “coronavirus-free” certificates. These certificates will be internationally recognised and issued to hotels, facilities, resorts and establishments where sufficient virus control measures are in place, and COVID-19 has not been detected. In return, travellers coming to Turkey may require an “immunity certificate” stating they have tested negative for the virus, and tourists may also be subject to temperature controls on arrival and at various public places during their holiday.

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Your holiday in Turkey in 2020

Having been cooped up indoors for months, the prospect of escape and a holiday abroad is no-doubt attractive. Private villas and apartments do offer the ideal getaway and a chance to reunite with family and friends in a safer, more isolated environment.

The measures put in place by the authorities should help limit the risk of COVID-19 while you’re in resort, and by the very nature of hiring your own property, you can take additional health and hygiene precautions.

Angel Rentals are also putting precautions in place and want to reassure anyone booking an Angels home that we comply with all government health and hygiene regulations, and thoroughly clean all properties from top to bottom before arrival. Pools are cleaned daily, gardens tended regularly, and Angels staff will conduct their duties in a friendly, professional and suitably socially-distant manner.

If you have any concerns, or to view a selection of rental properties, please see the ANGEL HOMES WEBSITE.

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