The Future is Bright for Home Owners

So much is happening in the area over the next 10 years. Buy now before the prices rocket!

The Future of Turkey

Fethiye and the surrounding area have much to look forward to in the coming months and years. Detailed below  are three reasons why now is the time to invest in this beautiful area of Turkey.


Skywalk is a cable car project that rises from Oludeniz to the top of Babadag mountain. This project will most certainly catapult Oludeniz, Ovacik and surrounding areas into the spotlight as this project is the largest private sector investment in the province and one of the biggest in Fethiye.

Oludeniz is already world famous for its perfect beaches, Blue Lagoon and one of the world’s best paragliding centres, however, by bringing Skywalk to Babadag Mountain this will ensure that the region and surrounding area will be a World Brand.

This in turn will increase visitors and extend the season as the cable cars will run 12 months of the year. Figures predict that the cable car alone will attract 1 million tourist a year and will have a knock on effect by increasing tourism potential by 30% to 40%. This project is a huge step for Fethiye.


Calis has had some major refurbishments including a new mini marina, which has attracted many small boat owners to utilise the facilities. The area now boasts a park area and a lighthouse which houses a cafe. The promenade has also been extended and will join up to a Nature Park, which is the final phase, of developments landscaping and beautifying a large area of scrub land.


Increased international flights in and out of Turkey have also helped the economy and will amplify considerably with the new Airport in Istanbul. This airport will have 6 runways and a capacity of 200 million passengers. This currently unnamed airport  will have the world’s largest terminal under one roof when completed in 2028. The airport will be completed in four stages, stage one is due to be completed in 2018 and is reported to be able to service 90 million passengers a year. This airport will be a gateway across all of the country connecting rail, air and road travel across the whole of Turkey all year round.

The new projects and added investment to the area will  be a massive incentive for tourists to visit, which in turn will have a knock on effect increasing property prices. For example all of this positive has already affected property purchases with a climb with 17% and 25% year on year in September and October respectively.

The results are clear, property prices will increase so now is the perfect time to invest and Angel Homes have some amazing properties  to choose from, so contact us today for a viewing.

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