Tourism in Turkey so far

So far in 2017 there has been a marked increase in British Tourists to Turkey and 2018 onwards is looking very promising with visits from our Chinese friends.

After lots of upheaval all around the world it seems that Turkey has once again become the place to be. Which is great news for the country and very encouraging for home owners and renters in the area.

In July the number of tourists were over five million which is a 46% increase year on year. Reports from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism state that British Tourists comprise the third biggest group of nearly 228,000 the first and second place going to Russians and Germans.

After the downturn last year it seems that the tourists who know and love turkey have again gained confidence to visit this beautiful area. This year has also shown an increase in Turkish holidaymakers too.  Experts report that more than 1 million Turks traversed the country for family holidays which generated an extra £1 billion lira for the tourism sector across the board. A much needed boost for bars, restaurants, travel agents and the like.

This is not only fantastic news for 2017 but for the future too. Turkey has a 10 year initiative to attract 1 million Chinese tourists to Turkey every year. This initiative is set to start in 2018 which will generate $50 million by 2023. Turkey is being branded to the Chinese as the place to be and since our friends in China are not the kind of people to sit on a beach all day, they love history their target market will be of the rich history of which Turkey has in spades.

So here’s to 2018 may every room, hotel, villa and apartment be full to capacity.

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