There are many reasons to retire to Fethiye – a cheaper cost of living, a healthier lifestyle, and fabulous weather are just a few of the main lures. But what is the reality of spending your retirement in Turkey? Is upping-sticks and making a move over really a good idea? Here are a few points to consider.



Dreary weather does get you down, and for those that suffer from medical conditions like arthritis, cold weather can play havoc with your health.

Moving to a milder climate not only lifts your spirit, but it also does wonders for those with joint pain. Waking up to the sun encourages you to spend time outdoors exercising in the pool, taking walks and soaking in that all-important vitamin D that boosts energy levels and can help prevent cancer.

Fethiye offers a fabulous climate with long, hot summers and little rainfall from April through to November. The winters, although cold of an evening, are generally jumper or light jacket weather most days, and the rainy months are limited to January and February making Fethiye an ideal destination for sun-seekers and those with ailments.


We all want more for less, and that’s certainly possible in Fethiye! The rising living costs in the UK mean many people are now forgoing the luxuries in life. The general cost of living in Turkey is far cheaper, meaning your pension stretches far further. Groceries, property prices, utility charges and meals out are all a fraction of the cost in the UK, meaning you can enjoy a far better quality of life for less. One of the main reasons people choose to reside or retire to Fethiye is the cheaper cost of living and better lifestyle on offer.


The average house price of a detached property in London in 2020 (according to UK government statistics) is £883,878, and £383,295 further north. These figures are for an average resale property in a residential neighbourhood. Now, let’s have a look what a private resale villa in Fethiye costs.

Ovacik resale villa

Resale villas around Fethiye vary in price according to location, age, condition and plot size. Angel Homes have a wide range of resale villas on offer from as little as £135,000. Take the property shown above as an example, this immaculate 4-bedroom home comes fully-furnished with a garden and pool, and it’s in a great residential location just 5 minutes away from Hisaronu resort, and 10 minutes bus ride from Oludeniz beach. Priced at only £164,995, it’s ideal for year-round living and offers far more property for your money than you can get in the UK. (Click HERE for property details). If you compare the prices and what you get for your money, there’s no wonder why so many people choose to retire to Fethiye!

Luxury villa Ovacik

Another option. Check out this luxury 3-bed resale villa with a heated pool for just £299,000 (CLICK HERE for details). Imagine living here, enjoying the glorious blue sky and mountain views, knowing you can take a dip in your pool all year round. Key-ready, with high-end fixtures, fittings and furnishings throughout, it’s another fabulous property in a beautiful location, and ideal for those that want to retire to the sun.

Something to think about: We are seeing far more retiree’s selling up their family houses in the UK to downsize to a smaller UK property or apartment. This frees up the cash to invest in a second, larger property abroad to use as a holiday or retirement home. Far more foreigners are opting to spend extended periods in Fethiye and popping back to the UK to see friends and family when they fancy. Others are choosing to rent out their UK homes and using the additional income to boost their pensions and give them extra cash to support their new life in Turkey. This is an excellent idea if you can afford it, as it means you keep an interest in both locations and helps combat any feelings of missing home.

retire to Fethiye


The Turks are well known for their hospitality, and it’s true – you would find it hard to find a country where the locals are so helpful and welcoming!

For those concerned about moving to a foreign country and coming to grips with cultural and language differences, a location like Fethiye is ideal. Much of Fethiye and its resorts cater to foreign tourists, and there is an established expatriate community living in the likes of Ovacik, Hisaronu, Calis, Uzumlu and Fethiye’s central suburbs. Although there are certain cultural differences that you may initially find strange or frustrating, rest assured you are never far from someone that speaks English and knows how to navigate the local ways, paperwork, legalities and traditions. There are many social media groups set up that offer advice and support to foreigners visiting or residing in Fethiye, plus many of the locals speak English and are happy to help you if you ask.

retire to Fethiye


Turkey is just a 4-hour flight from the UK, and Dalaman International Airport is a 35-minute transfer from Fethiye. Regular flights run to most UK airports and many other destinations throughout the summer (March to November), and via Istanbul off-season. This makes Fethiye accessible year through, so you can always nip back home should you need to.

Convinced yet? If you are looking to retire to Fethiye and want to know more about the region, lifestyle and properties on offer, please CONTACT ANGEL HOMES. To read more Turkey lifestyle and investment posts, please take a look at our BLOG.

Reasons to retire to Fethiye
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Reasons to retire to Fethiye
There are many reasons to retire to Fethiye - a cheaper cost of living, a healthier lifestyle, and fabulous weather are just a few of the main lures. But what is the reality of spending your retirement in Turkey? Is upping-sticks and making a move over really a good idea? Here are a few points to consider.
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